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Note: we are currently only shipping to U.S. based addresses via the website.

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Paddle Specs:
14″ Long
3⁄4” Thick
4-3/8” Grip
7.8-8.1 oz. Average Weight

Additional weights may be available upon request, please specify on the checkout page when ordering and we’ll send as close to your preferred weight as we have on hand.

MADE IN THE USA! Custom crafted in our family run shop in southwest Michigan! All aspects of the manufacturing process are handled in house with the exception of the digital printing. We’ve gone from a 3 to a 5 layer custom composite blend of materials we lay up ourselves consisting of a thick, dense, lightweight core, strengthened by a rigid substrate layer, topped off with a subtly textured, fiberglass face so you can make any shot with this paddle that you
would a full size paddle! Fiberglass is extremely durable yet less stiff and therefore more forgiving than carbon fiber. It has the ability to produce power and spin while offering an equal amount of touch.

We’ve addressed many issues that plague the paddle industry by being the first to utilize a seamless, built in edge guard that doesn’t separate from the paddle as well as solving the issue of vulnerability at the neck using our own proprietary blend of materials making these paddles much more durable and longer lasting than many of the full size paddles on the market! This patent pending design has a similar swing weight and ball reaction as a full size paddle. It’s by far the most quiet paddle on the market so if you play on courts where noise is an issue, this could be a great solution!

***Please be aware that we are currently only shipping to United States addresses via the website. To inquire about larger quantity discounts or for further ordering assistance contact us at or use our contact form.